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Dave from Hollywood

Dave From Hollywood is a Hot Dog'n'Roll outfit - with extra mustard.
When Mr Kerman met Marco Maria, they're both ice-cream sellers.

Dave says: "I want to play in a band again." To which Marco replies icily: "I'm already in a bunch of bands, but hey, it's good to stay busy."
At which point Nahtanoj - who likes ice-cream - and was waiting patiently to order a famous stracciatella in a cone, adds this to the mix:
"Hey guys, I know a wacky dude who plays. He seems pretty wet behind the ears but lately he's taken on one helluva god complex.Basically I think he'd be a good frontman. Oh, and I play guitar, by the way."
And that's the story of how Dave From Hollywood came about.


Town :

Date :
Friday 24 March

Venue :
off the pistes

Year of edition :