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  1. Rock the pistes
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  3. 2015


At the heart of Elektrees is one simple desire: to create a musical project inspired by reggae, roots and electro. There's also an overriding wish for a meeting of minds between the Lausanne composer and percussionist Daniel "Cicco" Cicccone and Senegalese reggae singer Daddy Maky aka Koly Tenguela. With their shared love for music and humanity, a special alchemy happened right away. In the long tradition of musical encounters between Africa and the West, this mix of influences creates an organic, electro sound, fusing crystal clear music with a warm groove and engaging lyrics. You can sum up Elektrees' songs - and their credo - as durable, humane and political. The two artists' combined experience gained during their respective careers is a precious guarantor of the project's success. The duo's desire to work with other artists also shines through, whether as co-producers, musicians or sound engineers. So many people from different walks of life contribute to the Elektrees sound.


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off the pistes

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