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  1. Rock the pistes
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They’ve been together for 20 years but it hasn’t changed them. For some, the milestone is viewed as an age where freedom beckons, where dreams are made. Others see it as an age where it’s time to get real and take responsibility. Down the years, all of Mass Hysteria’s albums have shown the same desire for diversity, to remain a unified force and above all an unbreakable group that’s true to their name. Mass Hysteria have resisted fads that have come and gone, and some dark days too, but they’ve never lost faith in their love of music and the alchemy between themselves and their fans, nor their desire to reach out to new audiences. Bolstered by their musical journey and their years in the business, Mass Hysteria don’t waste time on the details, preferring instead to deliver the essence of their distilled sound throughout France and beyond. You can see them performing right here on the slopes in the Portes du Soleil at 1pm on Thursday 27 March 2014 in Morgins.

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Rock the Pistes

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