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The Dø, which is came into being after a chance meeting involving its two musicians, quickly made its mark on the charts with its first album, A Mouthful. The LP was a bestseller in France in the week after its release in January 2008. Dan Levy and Olivia B. Merilahti chose their name The Dø using the first two letters of their first names. Contrary to popular opinion, the « Ø » is not a reference to Olivia’s Finnish roots since the character does not exist in that country’s alphabet. Rather, the group’s name is a reference to the musical note, also hinted at by the use of “d”.
Six years after the success of their first album, The Dø are back with Shake Shook Shaken, a vibrant musical cocktail that brings together everything that we dig at the moment: groove, rock, pop, electro and a symphonic orchestration that’s supported by d’Olivia Merilahti’s luminary vocals.

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Friday 20 March
à 13h30

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Rock the Pistes

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