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Regularly at the top of the charts in Switzerland, Gotthard is also one of the most internationally successful Swiss music groups of all time. With their very first eponymous album, released in 1992, Gotthard gained instant notoriety in Switzerland and in Germany, where they tour extensively.

Their popularity has increased with each successive album, with 'Dial Hard' in 1994, 'G' in 1996 (followed by a Japanese tour), both platinum albums that hit number 1 on the charts. After the exhumation of 'The Hamburg Tapes' and a live album called 'D Frosted' in 1997, the fourth Gotthard album, 'Open', hit the radio waves in 1999 with a significantly more pop style. Between recording stints, Gotthard regularly opens for Bon Jovi and AC / DC and is a European favourite on MTV. Swiss-Olympic Anthem In 2001, a new album, called 'Homerun', showcased 'Heaven', the group's first #1 single. It was followed, in 2003, by 'Human Zoo'.

The following year, Gotthard was chosen to compose the official anthem of Switzerland for the Athens Olympics, called 'One Team One Spirit'.

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Date :
Saturday 12 March
à 1.30pm

Venue :
Rock the Pistes

Year of edition :


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