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At just 27, Julian's journey has been so rich and spectacular that there's no alternative but to highlight his most remarkable achievements.

The story begins in 2005, when Julian decided to leave school to devote himself to his sole passion: music. He got himself signed as the singer in residence at Water Rats, a venue in London where he shared the stage with a certain Adele, one Ed Sheeran, and other talents who had yet to make their name. n May 2008, he was spotted by producer Mark Ronson, who offered him the chance to join Amy Winehouse's European Tour.

Things would never be the same again for Julian; he met Beyonce, who personally invited him to open her third I Am...Tour in the US and UK in 2009.He was an immediate hit with the music press who touted him as a star-in-the-making. Millions of people went online to check out Julian's work and hear this as-yet unknown prodigy. Clicks on his MySpace account exploded, along with his celebrity.

Julian Perretta, who's signed with PLAY ON record label, is staging his comeback with his new single, MIRACLE, a musical powerhouse of a track (#1 on radio playlists and online sales for weeks). It won over Europe, topping the charts in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Russia and Italy...

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Date :
Friday 24 March
à 1.30

Venue :
Rock the Pistes

Year of edition :


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