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Dead Dog Café

Val: vocals
Céd: guitar
Gil: drums
Sacha: Bass

Formed in November 2007 by Ced (bass, former Blind Addiction) and Emster (vocals), the band has distinguished itself from its debut album Cleaning Out The Clutter (2009), by offering a unique and original style.

This first album was very well received, both by the public and the media, which allowed Dead Dog Café to play in a good part of the French-speaking clubs and to share the stage with, among others, Mass Hysteria ( FR), Café Bertrand (FR), Subsonic (FR) and Smokin' Barrels (UK). Cleaning Out The Clutter was also well received abroad, which allowed the group to get out of their comfort zone, including concerts on some prestigious scenes such as the Biplan in Lille, L'Espace Kiron in Paris or The Bridge House II in London.

In regards to media coverage, this first attempt was the subject of rave reviews in the print media (24 Heures, La Région, Le Transit Magazine, the Zicannuaire webzine as well as Counter-Culture Info) and benefited from a lot of radio airplay (Rouge FM - "Red Rock Les Patriotes", Radio Chablais - "Le 12h" and more than 9 months of broadcast on Rock en Folie in France).

The combo also had the pleasure of being repeatedly invited to TSR's MusicOmax show. In 2010, Ced rejoined Gil, his former Blind Addiction accomplice, who took over the position of drummer and helped to develop the sound and compositions of Dead Dog Cafe. This collaboration lead to "Dissociation", the second album released in 2015.

That same year, Val on vocals and Sacha on bass joined the group to give birth to the EP "In Which World?" of 2017, that the group is eager to perform on stage. In concert, Dead Dog Café is raw energy! With more than a hundred concerts behind them, the group combines expertise, emotion and sincerity to share intense and unforgettable moments with their audience!


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