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 FFF are back with their new single "Monkee"

It's their first single in 17 years! FFF's Marco, Nicolas, Yarol and Krishoo are back with their brand new single Monkee and they've still got their devastating funky energy! FFF (Federation Francaise de Funk) belong to the select band of groups whose comeback everyone's been waiting to see for so long...17 years in all! 

With four albums to their name - Blast Culture (1991), Free For Fever (1993), FFF (1996) and Vierge (2000) - the band made a name for themselves on the French music scene with their unmistakable groove, their committed lyrics and their huge presence on stage. They've even been called the funk masters by US icon George Clinton. Since 2000 the group has kept a low profile with Marco Prince on vocals, Nicolas Baby on bass, Yarol Poupaud on guitar and Krishoo Monthieux on drums. After a few rare live performances for Solidays in 2007 and in 2014, and at the Bus Palladium in 2013, they're back at last in 2017 with their new single, Monkee, which you need to listen to asap!

Last autumn, FFF went on tour in France, including a sell-out session at Bataclan in Paris - proof that their original fan-base is still there! With their new single, Monkee, the four musicians show that they've lost none of their energy and soul. A lot of surprises are in store in 2018 and we're not going to miss them, that's for sure.


FFF - Morgins - 24 March  2018 - Summit Foilleuse

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Friday 23 March
à 13h30

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Rock the Pistes

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