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Fixit was formed in Lausanne in March 2013 and straight away the four members started writing original compositions mixing their varied influences. The new songs came flowing one after another and a first demo, "Following the Setting Sun", appeared a few months later. After several concerts given in their rehearsal studio, the group played its first show in June 2014 and released its first EP four tracks "Singing Out Loud" in July.

Since then, the set has included about fifteen pieces and is growing. Indeed, the work is of continuous composition and each concert is likely to bring a new experience. In November, Fixit was selected to play at Regional Rock 2014, and then on the big stage of the Riponne Square in Lausanne on the occasion of the 2015 music festival. A second EP with four tracks, "Wild", released in January 2015 lead to the group playing at Ebullition, at tremplin Vernier sur Rock and the Faun'Ic festival, among many others. The first concert outside Switzerland took place in July 2015 in Huaraz, Peru; an exceptional and unforgettable experience. The video clip of "Singing Out Loud" was released at the beginning of 2016. At the beginning of November 2015, Fixit gave its last concert in its original formation after about fifteen performances in French-speaking Switzerland. Indeed, the guitarist then left Switzerland to finish his studies, the group then reconfiguring itself into a power trio and adapting their repertoire accordingly. In March 2016, Fixit won its first platform as part of the Unilive festival, on the campus of the University of Lausanne. A second platform was won the following month, for the Foxymore festival.

Finally, the prestigious jury of the Comptoir Mx3 Contest selected the group to play on the main stage of the Beaulieu gardens. In total, the group played more than thirty concerts until the end of 2016. The clip of "Heartbreaker" was released in August of the same year. A first professional EP recorded with a power trio line-up and entitled "Voodoo Girl" was released in January 2017, just before the group's first tour, which played 11 memorable concerts in Russia between January and February. The concerts in Switzerland then resumed and the band won a third platform for the Paillote festival.

The serious ambitions held by the group were starting to bear fruit. Today, while they are still writing new songs, Fixit has only one goal: to make its music heard and to share its energy on as many stages as possible.


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Off the Pistes

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