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  From the end of the holidays to the fervour of the autumn, September is always the month of eternal renewal, a certain happy nostalgia conducive to pop music that is both melancholy and radiant. Prelude to a first album expected next year, the digital EP Je suis la forêt (I am the forest) reveals the dream world of this quartet formed by Sylvain on vocals, Axel on bass, Benoît on guitar and keyboards, and Romain on drums.

It's been five years since they met in the Avignon area. Without denying a past of electric guitars and uninhibited keyboards, the group now picks up its pop side, in a pastel-coloured decor, halfway between Daho, Julien Doré and Biolay. This development has gone through the writing of more personal texts to give more consistency to songs, playing on the sonority and placement of words, shaping the irresistible electro-pop mixes on this EP.

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Off the Pistes

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