Rock the Pistes
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  1. Rock the pistes
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  3. 2019


Somewhere between electro, pop and soul, the universe that is FORM translates into a particular, percussive sound in the studio and on live sets. Inspired by artists including James Blake, Radiohead, Jungle, Jordan Rakei and also Fink, the trio have created their own style where their voices guide the instrumentals that are harmonised by the synths, accentuated by organic rhythms. This Paris-suburb (95) act was first spotted by EMB Sannois who invited them onto the stage to fine-tune their live act before booking them and joining them. After playing at Fakear, Thylacine and Jungle, the group threw themselves into their "home studio" to begin a phase of musical self-discovery. Lyrics by Hausmane and Adrien (both are vocalists and keyboard players); drums and arrangements by Aksel. Ther first album, Underwater, signed by GUM Club, lets us explore the different colours of their musical universe. ?


Town :
Route du tremplin

Venue :
Off the Pistes

Year of edition :


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