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The Black Heidis

The Black Heidis are Yeelen (vocals, guitar and kazoo), Sandrine (bass and vocals) and Gea (drums, cajon, vocals). From Swiss Tessin and Swiss Romande, the group is the result of three young women meeting, who share a huge friendship and love of music. ? With their deep rock soul, the Black Heidis play a varied repertoire that mixes acoustic and festive songs with more powerful electric sets. The lyrics are poetic and often socially engaged, giving life to Indie-Rock themes. After a first album with five tracks, in January 2018 they put together"Fecondazione Sonora" (sound fertilization), an album with 8 songs - 4 acoustic and 4 electric, which gives listeners the chance to savour every beat and every facet of the Black Heidis' music. ? The incredible understanding and alchemy between the group manifests itself in their music and in the passion they have in playing it in front of crowds at their concerts. Fully capable of rocking major venues, they also fit right in at cosier venues, like the bars and clubs where they've played. Let the Black Heidis take you on a veritable "sound fertilization" voyage of discovery with a groove that's all their own ... ? ends?


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Off the Pistes

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