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THE JAM (Lucas John, Cécilia PASCAL & guests)

THE JAM (Lucas John, Cécilia PASCAL & guests) ?
Unveiled to the public by the TV show, The Voice 2 , Cecilia made it to the quarter-finals, an amazing achievement for a 16-year-old. At 5 years old, Cécilia took her first steps in music., showing a rare confidence in one so young, she popped up with groups playing in bars. Her repertoire included everything from Edith Piaf to Otis Redding... Since The Voice, Cecilia has performed back-to-back concerts and supported artists including Patrick Bruel, Lââm and even Louis Bertignac. Cecilia, who's a multi-faceted artist, sets herself no musical or stylistic limits. As she herself says: "I don't have any particular references, I sing everything. I work on the premise that everything while I can and while I like it, no matter what the style is, I'll do it. Or at least I try to! I also listen to everything: pretty acoustic songs, hard rock, jazz, soul, blues, rock 'n' roll of course, heavy metal, country, rockabilly and rap. What matters to me, is the chance to put my voice to great music that really touches those who listen to it - their worries, their desires and give them a little bit of extra soul." With her husky, soulful and emotive voice, Cecilia is truly diverse; when she's not working on her music, she's also a Suicide Girl. A fan of the movement in which women promote whatever shape they are with photoshoots, she doesn't bat an eyelid before stripping off in front of the camera for a photo, or something glamourous or artistic - all with the aim of sending a message and sharing her philosophy on life.?

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