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Rock the Pistes
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Jekyll Wood

Wikipedia says that Jekyll Wood is a multi-instrument-playing French musician who’s 33, a cinema fan who owns a cat called Emmett. While he looks pretty ordinary offstage, once he steps in front of a crowd with his guitar, the singer unveils a slightly more complex reality…

As soon as the 2.21 gigawatts output maxes out his amp’s LEDs, one by one, the different characters that live in his head take control of his guitar loop pedal, his body, transforming his six-string into a multifunction instrument, turning him into a prodigious human Swiss Army knife. You can bank on getting either Mr WOOD – an acoustic songwriter à la Sting or John Butler – or Mr JEKYLL, his alter ego who has a preference for rock that’s closer to Muse or Imagine Dragons; a multifunctional virtuoso who creates a special hybrid vibe that’s brilliantly effective. After 3 albums and more than 300 concerts - including support for Lenny Kravitz - he’ll going on tour in 2020.


Venue :
Off the Pistes

Year of edition :


  • Saturday 14 March à 9.00-10.00 pm. Champéry, Bar des Guides