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Whole Lotta DC

After more than 27 years together, the band are still driven by early AC/DC: a stripped-down sound with all that counts the pure and authentic energy of the original in 1978 (such as the live album “If You Want Blood, You’ve Got It”). Whole Lotta DC attach a lot of importance to musicality, the band’s dynamic and a reworking that respects the integrity of classic hits on the one hand, but which also takes audiences to lesser-known AC/DC ballads too. What’s more, the band work with their own sound engineers to guarantee the best live experience. Thanks to the positive reception they keep getting from audiences and promoters, demand for Whole Lotta DC has grown significantly in recent years.


Venue :
Off the Pistes

Year of edition :


  • Saturday 21 March à 6.30 pm. Morgins, 7Peaks Brasserie & Bar