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Louis Bertignac
Morzine / Les Gets - Summits of the Belvédère / Folliets du Golf chairlifts

Louis Bertignac

March 18 - 1:30 p.m.

Louis Bertignac

takes you to another world

in Morzine / Les Gets

At the age of 69, Louis Bertignac released his 7th solo album last June and is now embarking on a new tour.
Over the past 5 decades, the ex-Téléphone star has built up a loyal following of fans with his original albums and his live performances.
“This album tells some great stories,” sums up Bertignac. “There’s rock, guitars, pianos and melodies. The lyrics take me on board. I love this album, which is extremely important to me.”
Energetic, intense and powerful, but also melodic, sensitive and delicate, “Dans le film de ma vie” is the pop/rock blockbuster that fans of our national guitar-hero have been waiting for.
For the rest of us, it’s a chance to discover the lesser-known side of an artist who’s at his most sensitive. Louis Bertignac as you’ve never heard him before!

We’re looking forward to a reunion between the rocker and our festival-goers (he came in 2012, when the festival was just one year old)!

Louis Bertignac - Allez vite ! (Clip officiel)
Louis Bertignac - Allez vite ! (Clip officiel)
Louis Bertignac - Allez vite ! (Clip officiel)

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