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The Portes du Soleil area

The Portes du Soleil, an immense ski area between France and Switzerland.
The perfect spot to celebrate the joys of skiing and partying!

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Portes du Soleil

For over 50 years, the Portes du Soleil ski area has been offering a unique experience of discovering the mountains between France and Switzerland, on skis.
On either side of the border, 12 village resorts offer holidaymakers an original way to travel on skis.
Each day offers a different skiing experience, new slopes, unusual discoveries and restaurant terraces with exceptional panoramic views.
Here, the ski industry has retained the best of craftsmanship. We like to take care of our customers, providing them with an individual response, pampering them so that every day of their stay is a wonderful experience.
day of their stay is a beautiful day.

Portes du Soleil

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